Myles Mence - sea and figurative painter

Myles Mence

Myles MenceMyles is a plein air painter whose work usually features water and figures within an envelope of light and atmosphere. "By working outside the painter develops a profound sympathy with the subject, the painter's actions are engaged by more than the normal senses... mind at one with nature perhaps, but more still... sometimes elusively that glimpse of the sublime that is always just around the corner."

Born in 1954 Myles grew up in the south of England. From the age of six he was taught to draw in the traditional and disciplined manner and from ten to paint in oils, this early training enabled him to excel in art at school and he comfortably passed his exams. However rather than going to art school he went to Sandhurst and joined the army to see the world and subsequently worked in the security industry in Japan.

During this time Myles maintained his drawing and painting skills and by 1991 commenced painting full time. He now combines a steady programme of commissions with speculative work leading towards exhibitions at his studio on the Isle of Wight.

For the last eighteen years he has held an annual summer exhibition at his studio; his work is in demand and has joined many private and corporate collections.